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Propane Farm Incentive Program

The Propane Education & Research Council's (PERC) Propane Farm Incentive program, formerly the Propane FEED program, is a research program that tests the performance of new propane-fueled technology in agriculture equipment such as irrigation engines and grain dryers. Producers who enroll in the program are offered a financial incentive in exchange for recording performance data of the equipment being tested.

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PGG provides Cenex and Unocal 76 packaged lubricants for delivery or pick-up.

To meet your on site needs, we also provide bulk delivery of Hydraulic Tractor Fluid, Hydraulic AW-46, and Guardol 15w40 motor oil into your storage tanks or tanks provided by PGG.

PGG Petroleum delivers gasoline, farm and road diesel, #1 stove oil, and #2 furnace oil to your farm, home, or commercial sites. PGG operates bulk delivery trucks out of Hermiston, Pendleton, and Milton-Freewater, serving customers in NE Oregon and SE Washington. We carry a wide variety of petroleum related products such as hand pumps, electric fuel pumps, fuel hoses, nozzles and filters. Whatever your fuel needs our trained and knowledgeable staff can help.

Fixed Forward Fuel Contract:

With the extreme volatility of today’s energy markets many consumers are seeking programs that will help reduce the risk of skyrocketing fuel prices during high demand periods. The Fixed Forward Contracting program will allow consumers to “fix” their fuel price at any time and receive delivery of that product at a future date. View today’s prices and read the terms involved. If you would like further information on market conditions and trends, call Bryan Bailey at 541-278-5015.


PGG Propane provides the following propane services:

  • Propane appliance Installations
  • Propane tank installation
  • Propane plumbing
  • Propane delivery

PGG Propane offers a pre-buy or fixed price program to help reduce some of the risk associated with high winter propane prices. PGG also offers our budget payment plan to ease the high energy cost during the peak heating season.

PGG operates four propane delivery trucks, with one located in Hermiston, Pendleton, Milton-Freewater and Arlington, serving customers in NE Oregon and SE Washington. With our strategically placed propane bulk facilities, we are able to offer very competitive pricing. What ever your propane needs, PGG can help.


PGG prides itself on superior customer service, competitive pricing and quality.


Petroleum & Propane:
Toll Free 1-800-422-7611
Hermiston - 541-564-4015
Pendleton - 541-278-5035
Milton-Freewater - 541-938-5551
Arlington 541-454-0050

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, PST

Meet Our Staff:

Bryan Bailey
Operations Director

Began his career with PGG in 1990 in the PGG tire store in Hermiston, eventually moving into the petroleum department in 1991 to deliver fuel and did until 2002 when he moved into the propane department as a delivery/service person. Bryan has been the Energy Director since 2004.

Ronda Oertwich
Ronda has been our Energy and Grain Office Asssistant since 2010. You may recognize Ronda, as she previously worked in the Pendleton Ag Supply store. Ronda has been wtih PGG since 2008.
Dane Newton
Dane delivers Propane in the Pendleton area. Dane has been with PGG since 1995.
John Douglas
John has been delivering Propane in the Milton-Freewater/ Walla Walla & North Pendleton area since 1999.
Matt Howard

Matt has been with PGG since 1998. Matt covers, all our  customers, providing Propane Sales and Service.
Curt Claughton
Curt delivers Propane in the Hermiston and Tri Cities area.  Curt has been with PGG for 7 years.
Lee Aamodt
Lee covers Propane Sales & Service in Morrow, Gilliam and Wheeler counties. Lee has been with PGG since 2009.
Charles Ferguson

Charles delivers Fuel in the Hermiston area. Charles began his career with  PGG in 2010.
  Jim Schroder

Sales and delivery of lubricants, diesel and gasoline in the North Pendleton, and Milton-Freewater area. Jimmy began his career with PGG in 2011.
Richard Oertwich

Sales and service of propane equipment and appliance. Richard began his career with PGG in 2008.






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