About Us - Our Purpose


PGG delivers quality agricultural products and services at a competitive price to its cooperative members
and customers with superior service.


How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to the success of the company are five basic values: SERVICE ~ PEOPLE ~ INNOVATION ~ EFFORT ~ INTEGRITY


Superior Customer Service is our focus. Each one of us will define PGG's reputation for service every time we meet a customer.


Our employees are our competitive advantage. They provide the intelligence and hard work that determines our reputation and vitality.


Ideas and innovation are PGG's future. Everyone has the right to and should suggest improvements. Cost savings will be shared with the innovators.


Effort is what separates first place from second. We will reward our employees based upon their successful efforts.


Integrity is never compromised. We are only as good as our word. We will always follow through in a timely manner.


    This is a co-operative business, our shareholders are also our customers.
    Customers who choose to do business with us provide our reason for existence; we will treat everyone as though they are the owner of the business.
    Employee involvement is our way of life.
    We are a team and must treat each other with trust and respect.
    Management's role is to mentor.
    We will provide training opportunities to every employee and provide an open and approachable presence in the workplace. Listening will be our greatest skill.
    Our health is beyond value; we will always take the time and give the extra effort to be safe.
    Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we perform our mission.
    Our goal is to share profits between our shareholders and our employees.
    We believe: The entire company is judged by the efforts of the individual.
    We accept this responsibility!


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